The Fascia Research Society (FRS) was established as a membership organization to facilitate, encourage and support the dialogue and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and academicians, in order to further our understanding of the properties and functions of fasciae.

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Fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. No longer considered the 'scraps' of cadaver dissections, fascia has now attracted the attention of scientists and clinicians alike. Yet many scientists and clinicians working in fasciae are unfamiliar or have limited experiences with each other's work.

Through a variety of member benefits, the Society connects the Fascia community between the now triennial Fascia Research Congresses, and facilitates ongoing exposure to others working in all disciplines of the field. 

Thank you to our founding members

Founding members are crucial to the success of the Society, and will be distinguished as pioneers for the life of their FRS membership. Founding Membership opportunities have closed effective January 10, 2013. After this date, all other Memberships will be available, with the same rights and privileges of Founding Membership, excluding perpetual founding distinction.

We would like to acknowledge their generous contributions of our our founding members who pioneered the establishment and growth of the FRS. 

Our Founding Members