Welcome to the Fascia Research Society

Fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. No longer considered the 'scraps' of cadaver dissections, fascia has now attracted the attention of scientists and clinicians alike. Yet many scientists and clinicians working in fasciae are unfamiliar or have limited experiences with each other's work.

The Fascia Research Society (FRS) has been established to facilitate, encourage and support the dialogue and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and academicians, in order to further our understanding of the properties and functions of fasciae.

The FRS was born out of the success of the now triennial International Fascia Research Congress (FRC).The fourth symposium was held September 18-20, 2015 near Washington, DC, with an additional day on "Fascia, Acupuncture and Cancer" on November 14, 2015 at a Harvard Medical School Conference Center. Since its inception in 2007, under the supervision of the Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation, this multi-disciplinary Congress has had a sold out participation in the thousands from attendees in a wide diversity of fields, from all over the world (over 40 countries). The 2015 FRC Recording is available for purchase. The Pre-Conference Workshop Recording is now available as a CE course. Click here for details.

Through a variety of member benefits, the Society is intended to bridge the gaps in time between Congresses, and connect its community, facilitating continuous exposure to others working in all disciplines of the field. The FRS is envisioned as the ‘connective tissue’ of fascia research, with the goal of enhancing our collective understanding of how the human body works, to improve conventional and complementary health care.

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