Plastination Project

In January, 2018, the world's first fascia plastination project began.  Robert Schleip, together with the Fascia Research Society, brought together experts from around the globe to participate in preparing the dissections.  Carla Stecco lectured, led part of the dissection lab, and brought her brilliance in the area of fascial anatomy.  Several renowned fascial anatomy professors and authors contributed.  The Plastinarium provided enormous support, and some of the plastinated specimens will be on display at the 5th International Fascia Research Congress in Berlin, November 14 and 15, 2018.

Several people took photos and videos during the project's two sessions in January and June. Stefan Westerbrook, Rachelle Clauson, Gary Carter, Thomas Stephan and others have contributed photos and videos taken during the process. Many of their photos and videos will be added to this page in the near future.

Please check back with us for exciting images and videos!