Findley Fascia Fellowship Fund

Thomas Findley, MD, PhD, has made numerous contributions to the field of fascia research, including co-founding the International Fascia Research Congress and serving as the Executive Director from its inception through 2013. In this spirit and in honor of his 70th birthday, the Fascia Research Society is creating the Findley Fascia Fellowship Fund and Dr. Findley is generously matching contributions made by December 15, 2019 on a 1 to 1 basis up to $25,000.

Dr. Thomas Findley

Fellowship grants will be awarded to assist students who are doing scientific research related to fascia to help pay for travel and other expenses necessary for them to conduct and present their research at the Sixth International Fascia Research Congress. The Board of the Fascia Research Society will review requests and disburse grants based on merit and available funding. The criteria for award selection will include:

  • The applicant is enrolled in a doctoral degree program or post-doctoral fellowship 
  • The research is IRB-approved  
  • An abstract of the research is submitted

Grant proposals will be accepted December 15, 2019 through June 30, 2020. The form to submit proposals will be available at this web page.

You can support fascia research and honor the contributions and birthday of Dr. Findley by making a contribution to the Fascia Research Society. Every dollar you donate will turn into two dollars for fascia research. One hundred percent of contributions and matching funds from Dr. Findley will be reserved exclusively for grant awards.

Your donation is eligible as a charitable deduction for US federal income tax purposes to the extent permitted by law.