Fascia Research Society Membership

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Membership in FRS offers a host of benefits (listed below) and is open to any student or professional working in the study of fascia and/or a professional activity involving fascia. You may join the FRS as one of the following types of members:



Regular membership is open to individuals who meet the membership eligibility requirements, submit their application for membership, and submit payment for first year dues. Regular membership dues are $125.00 annually.

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Any student enrolled in a program providing education and training in any field of human fascia or related discipline may apply for a Student Membership. Verification of student status, in the form of a written statement from the student or graduate advisor or department head, is required. Student dues are $35.00 annually.

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If you received another membership offer, please contact us at info@fasciaresearchsociety.org.

Tax Deductibility: The Fascia Research Society is a 501c(3) charitable organization. Dues may be taken as a charitable deduction or business expense. Please check with your tax accountant for clarification.

Benefits of membership

FRS membership offers financial benefits, as well as interpersonal and professional development opportunities to researchers, clinicians and educators working in many areas of study involving fascia. Additionally, students working towards these disciplines, and all others interested in the study, research and/or treatment of fascia in any or all of its forms and functions find membership beneficial.

Financial Benefits:

Professional Development Opportunities and Interpersonal Benefits:

  • Participation in a membership community that promotes the awareness, education, science, and therapy involving human fascia
  • Exclusive access to members-only content (including a Membership Directory, Member-to-Member marketplace, and online lectures by fascia experts)
  • Guidance towards the latest and best information about the body’s connective tissue matrix
  • Opportunity to serve on FRS Committees
  • Ability to make an impact with active involvement in the Society
  • Access to worldwide professional, interdisciplinary networking and mentoring relationships