Fascia Research Society Membership

Share the vision and become a member year-long and gain access to all the latest and best information about the body’s connective tissue matrix.

Membership in FRS is open to any student or professional working in the study and/or professional activity involving the human fasciae.

Membership Categories

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP is open to individuals who meet the membership eligibility requirements, submit their application for membership, and submit payment for first year dues set at $125.00 annually.

STUDENT MEMBERSHIP Any student enrolled in a program providing education and training in any field of human fascia or related discipline may apply for a Student Membership. Verification of student status, in the form of a written statement from the student or graduate advisor or department head, is required. Student dues are $35.00 annually.

If you received another membership offer, please contact us at info@fasciaresearchsociety.org.

INSTITUTIONAL SPONSORSHIP - now under development - please inquire at info@fasciaresearchsociety.org.


Founding members are crucial to the success of the Society, and will be distinguished as pioneers for the life of their FRS membership. Founding Membership opportunities have closed effective January 10, 2013. After this date, all other Memberships will be available, with the same rights and privileges of Founding Membership, excluding perpetual founding distinction.

Many thanks to our founding members. We would like to acknowledge their generous contributions to the Fascia Research Society. For a complete list of members, click here.

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Tax Deductibility: The Fascia Research Society is under the umbrella organization of the Ida Rolf Research Foundation, a 501c(3) charitable organization. Dues may be taken as a charitable deduction or business expense. Please check with your tax accountant for clarification.