Fascia Research Congress

The First Fascia Research Congress in Boston in 2007 inaugurated what will be a continuing series of international conferences dedicated to the newly emerging field of "Fascia Studies." The principal focus of these conferences will be the presentation of the latest and best scientific research findings on the human fasciae in all its forms and functions. Learn more »

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The Fourth International Fascia Research Congress will be held near Washington, DC, September 18 - 20, 2015. This year's Fascia Research Congress will include a special session on fascia, acupuncture and oncology chaired by Helene Langevin November 14, 2015 at Harvard Medical School, in conjunction with the Society for Integrative Oncology and the Society for Acupuncture Research. To receive updates by email join the Fascia Research Congress mailing list. Fascia Research Society members will receive a discount on registration, and will automatically receive all FRC mailing list notifications. Learn about membership.

Dr. Tom Findley, MD, PhD
Welcome Address at the First Fascia Research Congress, Boston, MA, 2007


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The Fascia Research Congress from the 100 year perspective of Andrew Taylor Still
Authors: Thomas W Findley MD PhD, Mona Shalwala MS-IV

 Peter Huijing, PhD
FRC2: Peter Huijing, PhD Muscle physiologist and researcher in myofascial force transmission; Chair of FRC2, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
Leon Chaitow, ND, DO; Gil Hedley, PhD; Carla Stecco, MD
FRC3: Leon Chaitow, ND, DO; Gil Hedley, PhD; Carla Stecco, MD, Orthopedist