Purchase Fascia Photos

Photos of fascia are rare, resulting in a deficit of understanding about this remarkable and versatile tissue. To solve this problem, the Fascia Research Society hired renowned nature photographer Thomas Stephan to create images that illustrate the diverse nature of fascia. The following photographs are available for non-exclusive use for publications, presentations, and professional materials.

The following copyright and credit notice must be clearly printed in each instance a photos is used: © Fascia Research Society. Photography by Thomas Stephan.

Ligament from a turkey knee
Fascia from a turkey knee, 29 mm
Tendon from a bull leg
Fascia from a bull leg tendon, 60 mm
turkey thigh
Fascia from a turkey thigh, 52 mm long side
pig brain
Fascia from a pig brain, meninges, 30 mm long side
turkey thigh
Fascia from a turkey thigh, dense connecting tissue, 34 mm long side

High resolution versions of the above photos, without the Fascia Research Society watermark, can be purchased from the Fascia Research Society:

  • FRS Members: $22/photo or $77 for all five photos
  • FRS Non-Members: $40/photo or $150 for all five photos

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The photos are for personal use only, not for resale. To purchase photos, sign the license agreement and then you will be taken to the purchase page.